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Model framework

For more information relating to the model code used to assess the accumulation and burden of E. coli on agricultural land please contact Dr David Oliver (see contacts tab).

A freely-available web-based Graphic User Interface (GUI) has been developed for the ReMoFIO model. This provides a decision support tool for helping to understand how, where and when source risks of FIOs accumulate on agricultural land. This represents a critical step for ensuring that this NERC funded model & data delivers real-world impact through innovative conversion of the underpinning evidence-base into a format that is widely accessible by relevant end-users. The aim of the ViPER (Visualising Pathogen & Environmental Risk) project is to facilitate wider access and uptake of this NERC science, by stakeholders, in order to deliver that impact and to ensure that up-to-date insight and knowledge is transferred to the right people both in the right way and at the right time.

Access the ViPER decision support tool at